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Wondfo Faint PositivePositive results show that you are pregnant. Any one get false positives on wondfo?. Two weeks ago, (a week before my period) I felt like I might be pregnant. Very faint Wondfo Test shows that you took the test too early. However 4-5 minutes later when the control line finally appeared, there were NO lines in the results window. The darkness of the line can sometimes just be a function of how much dye is in that particular test, and it can vary from test to test. I got a vv faint positive Friday morning with a wondfo. I would suggest investing further. I'm worried that such a faint line at 13dpo isn't going to end well. I've had a couple of batches of Wondfos with visible antibody strips and indents but this batch was fine. I do know that my 99 cent dollar store test has never let me down! Try a cheap 99 cent test, if positive, follow up with a more expensive brand to be sure (I had too,my husband refused to believe the test was positive because it was cheap!. Faint positive on wondfo and negative on clearblue digital. Opinions Re: Wondfo tests please?!. Also you can see an [email protected] test, stark white - negative. then I kept testing and the strangest thing happened! My wondfo strip started getting a very faint line after it had dried. Looks like my sink is pregnant. Anyways, I had gotten my first positive on a Wondfo and faint faint on FRER on a Saturday and didn't do beta till Monday, so counting back it would have been like a 9. Which are more sensitive pink handle wondfo or first response? I took 3 wondfo test this morning ( b/c I couldn't believe my eyes the first time ), a dollar tree, and first response test. Medical Qualification & Product Launch. Post by drloretta onJul 13, 2012 at 7:32am. Am I pregnant or not!?" Of course not all digital tests are less sensitive, but on average they will only pick up hCG levels of 50 or higher while line tests (on average) pick up an hCG level of 25 or higher. Readability By 14 days past ovulation this brand gives a 'standard' test result. In my opinion I wouldn't get a digi as they aren't very sensitive, I got a negative on one at 10DPO (faint line on FRER at 7DPO) and am now 26wks!. this morning I did a dollar store test with FMU and thought I saw a line which disappeared and turned into a pretty bad and obvious evap line. I’m guessing it’s unlikely that a wondfo will pick up pregnancy before frer does?. Very Faint Positive??? Or HCG shot? I am 11 dp 10,000 hcg trigger. BFP right? Well I just tried using an First Response and got a BFN about 6am. I then took another wondfo and it was a faint positive. On forums, it is not uncommon to see the question, "I have a faint positive line and a negative digital test. The line is so faint but came up well within in, I doubt it will even show on here. I have a major love hate relationship with wondfos. 8dpo wondfo positive, Frer negative. Oct 15, 2021 · TTCjourney2021 Fri 15-Oct-21 09:14:01. But they were mixed in with a whole lot of neg wondfo results as well. This means that at least 4 out of 5 pregnant women will get a positive result on 12 dpo or later. I immediately tested again with a Wondfo and FRER and got faint BFP's on both of them. I didnt get the BFP with the wondfo until 12 DPO and then it was a very light positive. Thursday Dec 14th ~ evening ~ equate +/- ~the pink that goes across the test took a while to go across and for a split second, I thought that I seen a faint vertical line and a faint horizontal line. It's been a faint line for a few days, now today it's nearly identical to the test line. The LH tests have come back blazing as they have done for the past 4/5 days. When I finally got pregnant, these gave me a faint line at about 11 DPO. Hi ladies, I'm 8 dpo today and I tested on wondfo 10 miu/ml sensitivity and a FRER. I agree, Wondfos never had a hint of anything for me, so when I saw the faintest thick line it was the start of a bfp. At 9dpo, any positive would likely be very, very faintso that's also something to consider. Faint Pregnancy Test Line is Very Light. I believe I see a faint line on wondfo but I didn't see . 9dpo night (different samples 2h apart): faint but clearly pink positive wondfo; negative frer that turned faintly pink after a few hours; positive OPK. But I got a negative FRER at 13dpo. But some women will still not show up at this point. I never got a false positive or indent line. 10 dpo morning (same sample) faint but clearly pink positive wondfo (although not really darker than last night); positive OPK; negative. I'm officially 7dpo, as I tested low to. I got a positive on a Wondfo and a negative on a FRER with same urine. Discussion in ' Two Week Wait ' started by SarahRae, Feb 26, 2012. BFP on wondfo's FRER barely there?. Buy Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips Early Detection. I have been getting some faint positives on Wondfo brand for the past two days. [BLB] + 3 Due November 4 (boy); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Hasty, Colorado 16754 posts. 6k members in the TFABLinePorn community. Different test just have different sensitivity leveels. I’ve heard that wondfo tests show. 3:30: test with a Wondfo and a faint but visible/colored line shows right up. It is very possible for breastfeeding to cause you to have late or missed. Hey ladies, I tested yesterday with a Wondfo at 10dpo and got a very faint positive. I got a ridiculously faint line on 9dpo but it slowly turned into a real line. Yesterday afternoon I held my pee for 5 hours and took a Wondfo when I got home. Had a blood test yesterday, will update when I know more so anyone else who is experiencing this and runs across this board has some insight. 4/13) have both come out verrrry faint positive. this test ended up being a false positive. If you plan to test early, consider Wondfo pregnancy tests. Many COVID-19 rapid antigen tests come back with a faint positive line. For pregnant women, this brand starts to give positive results for more than 80% by 12 days past ovulation. Very faint positive 8 DPO on wondfo ic test. Here is my dilemma, (and yes I am one of those early testers). Some girls test positive with early pregnancy test strip after having sex. So I went and bought a digital and it came up as not pregnant. After staring at a faint ghost line on a wondfo all evening yesterday (yes, I am that crazy), I decided that I would pee on a FRER. Dip a FRER and get a light but clear positive right away. I bought them to confirm a positive on a wondfo. so I gave my sink water a test: faint line. Â I took one on a whim yesterday which was 10dpo. So anyway, that is my story of ttc #2 - took 13 cycles. Download wondfo images for free. I had the faint line several times that day and the next, and then it disappeared. I will definitely be testing in the AM and praying for some darker lines but just curious if this has ever happened to anyone?. stark white every single day until I got my very first very very faint line. One positive result followed by an immediate negative. Download · wondfo 16dpo frer 14dpo progression · Faint Positive Wondfo, Negative FRER… Download. My wondfo tests (10, 11, and 12 dpo) barely have a line. Joined: Jan 10, 2011 Messages: 1,459 Likes Received: 0. These were my tests from about 9dpo to 14dpo: http://imgur. The control line appears instantly, but I don't see any hint of a line even start to show up until 2 minutes. 1yr ⋅ RecklessMind125 ⋅ r/TFABLinePorn. 13dpo very faint line - too late? : I tested with fmu and this showed up within the first 3 minutes. I just had a morning faint line positive Wondfo, and then 3 hours later I did a FRER that was negative and another Wondfo that was again faintly positive. What Does a Faint Line Mean? If your pregnancy test shows a positive result, this is what could be happening. Last night I tested with a 4 hour hold on an easy @ home (same thing as wondfo) and got the faintest of faint second line. But a positive should definitely be in the area where there isn't really any confusion. 12:30: test with two Wondfos from 2 different lot numbers. 1st Trimester board is on the left. Should I just assume the wondfo is a dodgy test. I took these Wondo tests last night also, had one blazing positive and two negatives from the SAME URINE. I used Wondfo for awhile, and they were always accurate. But I couldn't get that very faint BFP out. So now I have another thing to worry about on top of everything. 12 dpo bfn frer FRER CD 35 DPO unknown, got a faint positive with wondfo on CD 24 and all negatives since but I'm a week late so have been confused and now have another faint positive on this FRER!. For the past couple days I've been getting what look like positives on the Wondfo HPTs, but they're taking a long time to appear and are very faint when they do show up (though they're darker after several hours). Here's my experience: I got a faint (but clearly there) positive with FRER on 9dpo, and an extremely faint, almost non-existent line the same day with Wondfo. I kept testing because I couldn’t believe it was real and wanted to see the line get darker. But such excitement disappears when HCG blood test shows negative. Is a faint line a false positive or a true positive? A faint line on a home pregnancy test may or may not mean that you’re pregnant. Had a heavy period 1 week after I tested and got a faint positive on wondfos and an ept. So I tested on Monday… and potentially got the faintest positive (again with eyes in the right light, wishful thinking… it was probably negative on a Wondfo (A Wondfo is pictured on bottom above, also called an internet cheapy, IC). If you get a test line, but no control line or you get another color line, the test is not reliable. Day after that, 11dpo, got a standard positive on FRER, still very faint line on Wondfo. If you see a line next to "T" that indicates a positive result for Covid-19. I walked away and came back about 5 minutes later, and there is a very faint positive line. View all groups Getting pregnant Pregnancy Baby Toddler Family life Grief and Loss En français Regional groups. I totally expected them to be like the OPKs that showed up immediately, but my positives on the hCGs took several minutes to appear. Tested again today about 2am this morning and got this. There are tons of galleries of positive tests online (fertilityfriend. Well I got a very faint line on a wondfo this morning (had trouble getting a good pic, but it's for sure there irl) so now I. False positive from Wondo??. Does that mean anything? The difference shading of the positive result on antigen test could mean a whole group of things. So this means I have 24 hours to conceive? Am I ovulating *right now* or did it just happen or will it happen in the next 24 hours? Do we know for sure or we just guess?. I got two stark white negatives with wondfo at like 9 dp trigger. My OB told me to stop freaking out and staring at shit I've peed on, a positive is a positive. you could be pregnant!! you're not out until the witch shows!. Just dip the test in urine for 3 seconds and read the result in 3-5. Living the Infertile Life: 7DP5DT I dipped a FRER and. When I got my first BFP, it was only about a 4 hour hold and with this morning's tests, it was at least an 8 hour. If you test negative before your missed period, but think you may still. Did anyone get a super faint bfp at 11dpo and go onto a. Each has a VERY faint, hardly visible line. I took a dollar store test this Sunday, at 9dpo. Test a Wondfo strip with water as a control--no evap or indent visible. Final update in comments: Faint line on wondfo, nothing on Frer. this is super helpful, thank you. FAint pregnancy line 4 Home Positive , 1 Clinic Negative? Period 2 weeks late. Common Types of Pregnancy Tests. Is this a faint positive on a wondfo? I had some bad evaps with first response, I ordered the Wondfo brand tests to try. I used one of those cheapo bulk Wondfo brand pregnancy strips this morning. If it has colour it positive! My first 4 FRER tests were so faint I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. I used wondfo cheapies that expired in 2016 and got my first (very faint) positive on 10dpo. I also took a frer yesterday morning and bfn on that. Pregnancy test instructions include a reaction time, which is the timeframe in which you should read the result. When I got my first BFP, it was only about a 4 hour hold and with this morning's tests, it was at least an 8 hour hold. I ordered a bundle package online and got 30 ovulation tests and 20 free pregnancy tests from wondfo. 8dpo wondfo positive, Frer negative - Trying for a baby - BabyCenter Canada. They are my favorite and very sensitive. it got noticeably darker on 10, then 11 dpo. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > laughingduck Mother of one daughter. Â Then I took a cheap publix brand test which was totally neg. A faint positive of course, but still personally I found them to be The Wondfo ones predicted my pregnancy before my missed period. I got very faint "nearly non existent" shadows on wondfo and they dont seem to get darker!! I usualy have strong AF symptoms by now but i got none! I took another test brand yesterday and there was another pink faint line. 13dpo very faint line - too late? Dreamingof4 15/08/21. Anyone ever gotten BFP on Wondfo & BFN on FRER? **UPDATED. Home Community Getting pregnant Trying for a baby. tell me about faint HPT lines (Wondfo). Can you get a positive FRER at 8 DPO? More women can get a positive test at 9-11 DPO. I usually had atleast 2-3 days of smiley faces. You cannot say anything about your pregnancy from this result. Each faint line has appeared after the 5 min wait time but within 10 minutes or so. Any positive stories would be greatly appreciated but I'm also a. I got a very very (barely noticeable) faint line at 10DPO then a faint line at 12DPO, continued testing and the line got darker. This seems to be pretty standard for the brand. With my first pregnancy I didn't get a line on a test until 13dpo and it was so faint. com has some), so you could search out some of those and compare. I tested negative in the morning at 8dpo then got a vety faint + in the afternoon after a 2 hour hold. Next day, same faint line on FRER, slightly darker but still very, very light line on Wondfo. Wondfo Pregnancy Test: A guide to all kinds of pregnancy. The faintness of the line tells you nothing about the viability of the pregnancy. I have been considering a FRER because these are so faint and I've heard wondfo can give false positives! They are so $$$ though and it seems a waste when I can just wait a few days. If you take a home pregnancy test and the results reveal a faint positive. An evaporation line appears in the results window of a pregnancy test but, unlike a positive line, it is colorless, very faint, and does not mean that you're pregnant. Nov 19, 2015 BFP at 13 dpo, EDD July 29, 2016. Which are more sensitive pink handle wondfo or first response. The Wondfo test seems pretty good. Wondfo Pregnancy Test, False Positive??. I took a test at 8 DPO and there was a very faint positive. My test progression usually went/goes something like this: 9-10 dpo- faint bfp on wondfo, bfn or vvvfl on FRER. I've tested every day since then with pictures below and it doesn't appear to be getting any darker. wondfo not getting darker?? false faint positive??. Congratulations! TTC #1 since 2/2013 BFP 12/9/13! Adeline Rose born 8/21/14 Report Reply. 10/13/2015 07:29 Subject: light line on wondfo pregnancy test not getting darker. of course a digital confirmed for me at 9DPO, but i tested again with a dollar tree at 10, still barely showing up. About Dpo Bfn 23 10dp2dt bfn 10dp2dt bfn 14 dpo symptoms bfn 14 dpo symptoms bfn They say that it takes 2 days after implantation for the HCG to be detected on a pregnancy test. First response: negativeso I gave my sink water a test: faint line. 3 positive Wondfos and negative FRERs?: hi everyone, need your help!! My situation in a nutshell: 9dpo morning (same sample): super faint, evap-like line on wondfo; negative frer 9dpo night (different samples 2h apart): faint but clearly pink positive wondfo; negative frer that turned faintly pink after a few hours; positive OPK 10 dpo morning (same sample) faint but clearly. You bought the test, peed, waited three minutes and now it’s (finally!) the moment of truth… but, uh, is that really a positive? Results can be pretty tricky to read — especially when you’ve got a faded line or a kinda-there plus sign. My cycle tends to be short but since I started taking Clomid, it shortened 3days in 3 cycles. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Lines of another color, only a single test line: Invalid. I got a super faint bfp on 9dpo with wondfo. Â Then of course (haha) I went out and bought First Response and got a faint but definite pos. They give you a yes/no, that's it. Hopefully this means I'll get a double vanity in 9 months. super faint, evap-like line on wondfo; negative frer. From the picture you can see the Answer brand test I took also at 10DPO shows a faint line (slightly darker than the Wondfo) so I'd say they are pretty sensitive considering. Archived [Wondfo | 10DPO]- Pretty sure this is a faint positive, right? 11 comments. Oct 13, 2021 · Easy to read, digital 'smiley face' results. Have darker than if you are affected by a banner year round of assured pregnancy test not getting darker each feature Faint Wondfo BFP but FRER is BFN?. A faint positive line isn’t uncommon and there are a few possible explanations. See real women’s positive tests pictures. Digital Tests Price ; Clear Blue Digital. Has anybody been having issues with the wondfo hpts? I got a fain positive at 10 dpo, and now at 12 dpo it's not any darker. Line looks lighter but still there on one of the strips. I always use Wondfo cheapies and then buy another . I think that 6 positives in a row sounds very hopeful, it could be that the wondfos are more sensitive than the other brands you took and you are very early. The strips can detect level of HCG as low as 25 mIU/ml ( FDA standard). HPTs are not quantitative measures of how pregnant you are. I'm guessing it's unlikely that a wondfo will pick up pregnancy before frer does?. This is within that "5 days before your missed period" window that most tests state they can show a positive for. I never use a FRER because I hate the thought of wasting an expensive test on a BFN. Re: Faint Line on Wondfo Pregnancy Test Rach604 member May 2013 Any trace of a line means you're pregnant. A positive result on a First Response test. The level only becomes high enough to indicate impending ovulation when the test is positive (as dark or darker). i got veryveryvery-faint positives at 7 and 8DPO with internet cheapies(i assume IC are almost similar to wondfo) and when i tested with the dollar tree brands on 8 and 9DPO, the second line was barely there. "However, if the faint line appears after the 30-minute interpretation window, it means it is not a positive. Im 11 dpo and so far BFNs on wondfo. Hi ladies, I know it sounds crazy and too early or I probably just have line eyes! Or could possible be a false positive as I did use a cheapie for this one. Wondfo HCG Urine Test is a rapid pregnancy test, which you can easily carry out yourself. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip positive: Two pink lines in sequential order means a positive result. I feel like I am in shock, disbelief, excited yet hella nervous as I have a blocked left tube and hope it isn't going to end up as an. My BFP showed up at 10dpo on a FRER. Q: How come there is always a faint line in the test result window? Does this indicate a problem? A: Women always have LH in their systems, and a faint result line is often normally visible. Your destination to share your HPTs (home pregnancy tests) and our OPKs …. What a Positive Pregnancy Test Really Looks Like. Well I got a very faint line on a wondfo this morning (had trouble getting a good pic, but it's for sure there irl) so now I'm waiting to s. Would love to see if you guys can see it too. 7 tests!!!! I want to share info about wondfo hpt tests. [Wondfo | 10DPO]- Pretty sure this is a faint positive, right? Close. Negative and maybe positive tests. I got faint positives on all the wondfo test but the first response and dollar tree were both negative. I’ve tested every day since then with pictures below and it doesn’t appear to be getting any darker. I'm currently 12dpo and it looks the same as yesterday. The faint line may also appear after the time period if there are very low levels of the virus in your system, Dr Hudson-Peacock explained. Very Faint Positive Faint Positive then Negative 3 positive hpt, 1 negative blood test im so confused one faint positive then 4 negatives ( but i feel pregnant ) Faint negative result line took a pregnancy test and it was a very faint line for negative I had an extremely faint line at 8 dpo. light line on wondfo pregnancy test not getting darker. Faint positive on wondfo and negative on clearblue digital. Not all pregnancy tests are created equal, and some require more HCG to show a positive result than others. Though in the past i didnt get a bfp until, 18dpo 1st time, 12 dpo 2nd time, 18 dpo 3rd, and 9dpo 4th time. I've heard that wondfo tests show. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips, 25-count medical I got a very faint positive more than a week early with the cheap tests from Amazon- like . Discussion in 'Pregnancy Tests' started by laughingduck, May 18, 2015. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream. Yes they have a bit pf colour in person. However, some people have been seeing a very faint line next to "T" and one doctor has taken to Instagram to explain what a faint line means. If you don't have a bad batch of wondfo's then a faint line is definitely a positive. I know 8DPO was early but I was anxious to pee on something and since I'd had a big dip at 5DPO on my chart I hoped implantation had occurred super early. I didn't get even a faint line on IC until 11 & 12dpo. Congratulations! Wondfo's just don't show up right away. Very faint positive, taking several minutes to appear? For the past couple days I've been getting what look like positives on the Wondfo HPTs, but they're taking a long time to appear and are very faint when they do show up (though they're darker after several hours). Aug 21, 2012 · A faint line still indicates a positive pregnancy. I am in almost the same boat! Â I've been using Wondfo strips (opk and hpt). I have been "testing out" the hcg trigger daily. Faint lines at 10 dpo, clear lines and a digital confirmation by the evening of. I'm 9/10 DPO and I got what have been about 5 faint lines on Wondfo since lastnight and this here is a pic of my Wondfo FMU and FRER. Has anyone ever had a false positive with the Wondfo HPT's? I had a positive HPT yesterday morning so I figured that I'd have a more definitive BFP this morning but to my surprise, I got a BFN on a digital, a FRER and another Wondfo. Wondfo Pregnancy Test false positive is unheard of because it is rare. Did anyone get a super faint bfp at 11dpo and go. I saw a hint of a line or at least what I thought was one, so I ran out and bought some FRER test. It's been pretty normal, maybe somewhat lighter than usual. VVVV FAINT POSITIVE AT 7DPO!!?!: Hi ladies, I know it sounds crazy and too early or I probably just have line eyes! Or could possible be a false positive as I did use a cheapie for this one. So I am 11 DPO as of today, I took a test yesterday and it was negative as can be. Even at 20 DPO my positives were still super faint. I think you need a blood test at this point! But honestly, you have a clearly positive wondfo and a clearly positive digi, something is wonky about that FRER Im sure of it! #18 avanemo, Nov 2, 2011. Dr Nathan Hudson-Peacock said that each kit has an interpretation window usually around 30 minutes. Wondfo Pregnancy Test faint positive also means you are pregnant. It detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which appears in urine very early during pregnancy. You could just be like me and have super dilute urine all the time. They dried with quite a bit of colour too. The U/S confirmed our little punkin seed was nice and cozy in my uterus. I would like to hear from ladies who got a BFN at 13dpo or later followed by a BFP please. The lines were so light that I wanted to wait for fmu the next day to use the frer (didnt wanna waste one). Wondfo from last night - better in person, but very faint positive Frer from this morning - don't see anything :( 3days late on AF faint positive Wondfo, negative frer. I'd take a digital if you really want that absolute confirmation. I did as well, got a super faint bfp at ten dpo have never got a bfp before ten dpo ever. There are so many other factors at play like the strength of the tests, hcg concentration, dilution of urine, differences between tests (even of the same brand) and many more, that a faint line is just a faint line and all you can say for sure is that atm, you are pregnant. The picture above is my positive LFT from this morning, and I have confirmed Covid. Progression slowly but I also took an accumed test I had laying around and a dollar tree test and they were both similarly faint. 2 girls thanks to TFAB! Holy shit VFP! (Very Faint Positive!) So it's 3:30ish AM on 9DPO for me. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream is an apparatus made of plastic. I watched it turn, and the test line showed up, but no positive line. Not sure what to think of it! Only 10 DPO but expecting my period Friday so I assumed the FRER would be positive. With my second son, I had a positive test at 8 DPO. I tested with fmu and this showed up within the first 3 minutes. But my period started the next morning. Generally speaking a faint positive is still positive. You can try to confirm it on a digital test if that would make you feel better. Evap line on every Wondfo pregnancy test?9. Also did a one step blue ic, negative on that too. Today I got my period, mere 10 days after IUI. I am holding out hope that this is a viable pregnancy. trying to keep my cool and my patience but it's hard!! Reply Delete. I tested Saturday night and got a very light second line with a Wondfo strip. Positive Wondfo OPK - Now What? I'd say this is probably a positive Wondfo OPK. (Closed) Faint Positive Wondfo, Negative FRER…. We have been ttc for 22months with an early miscarriage at the start and nothing since. The line on the Wondfo was clearer than the First Response Early Response I took with the same urine. That afternoon I pulled out my Target nicer pregnancy tests and POAS once more… POSITIVE!. So faint I would have missed if I hadn't already got positives on other brands. Pictures included Je Jessica • Fri, Mar 04 This morning I took 2 wondfo tests and they came up as a faint positive within 5 minutes of peeing on them. False positives are rare unless the test is faulty, but that doesn’t mean that a light line always means you are pregnant. I also took an answer brand test on 10 dpo and 12 dpo and 12 dpo is darker. is this a positive or an evap line. The best time to take a pregnancy test is 14 DPO, or the day you expect your period. Took one and a faint line came up immediately, tested again. If you take a pregnancy test before you have missed your period and get a faint line or even a negative result, do not fret. Although their sensitivity levels are supposed to be the same, I think Wondfos are easier to read when it's a squinter. Very Faint Positive My Story 1 Positive Test, 3 Negatives, All The Symptoms, Positive clearblue then a negitive first response then a positive first response I took 2 non digital first response test. Having a large pack of Wondfo let me save money while trying to conceive, and also let me keep testing after my positive result (because I was in disbelief) without feeling like I was wasting expensive tests. It could be an evaporation line or a sign that you’ve had a chemical pregnancy. This cycle I tested and got a faint positive on these followed up by faint positives confirmed on FRER's as well for 2 days. A brief history of my pregnancies, my 1st I had a very clear bfp day after missed period, I had cramps and bleeding at around 6 weeks, had a scan and my now 10 yr old went on to be a normal pregnancy, my second 2 I had no bleeding and they are now 6 and 4 next month. Positive Pregnancy Test 6dpo Trying To Conceive Forums. I feel like I am in shock, disbelief, excited yet hella nervous as I have a blocked left tube and hope it isn't going to end up as an ectopic. Jan 06, 2021 · For most tests, when the test line is as dark or darker than the control line, this means the test is positive and your LH is surging. Most common positive result Of the pregnant women who did receive a positive result, this is the most common strength of positive result: very faint: test line is very light and may be difficult to distinguish as a positive result: faint: test line is lighter than the control line but is still visible and is fairly easy to distinguish as a positive result. Now I am 14 DPO and my pregnancy has been confirmed by a doctor. I am now (hopefully) pregnant with my fiancé ( a new parter) I had a faint. So then I went to the store and got a FR test, took. This last batch I got, however, was no good. Any positive stories would be greatly appreciated but I'm also a realist so hit me with the not so positive stories. With that said I have had 2 false positives with won do tests.