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Peter Parker X Reader CuddleHowever, no one ever notices her. “You have math now right?” He made a noise in response. You began to kiss his neck softly making Peter smile and pull you closer. Peter Parker Imagines — Headcanon | Cuddling With Peter Parker Please can I have Peter Parker headcanons for loki!daughter reader where . Kids at school bullied her, her father, Tony Stark, was disappointed in her, and the Avengers looked the other way. Tuesday, 29/03 : Five Hargreeves x GN!reader- Sorry Wednesday, 30/03 : Five Hargreeves x GN!reader- Dumbass Thursday, 31/03 : Five Hargreeves x GN!reader- “You left me!” Friday, 01/04 : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader- Tiger Stripes Saturday, 02/04 : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader-Rebuild Sunday, 03/04 : Peter Quill Soft Headcannons. He felt bad for being happy about it. A/N: hello everyone, i am currently sick and dying so i thought why not imagine peter parker was here to soothe my sickness :) It was currently 3:05 in the …. “I can’t help it, it gets better every time. Summary: Peter’s known as the shy, sweet and endearingly awkward boy by everyone. Tổng hợp truyện Reader x peter parker toi hay, mới nhất. Perfectly Wrong: Peter Parker x Reader Imagine Where his love is for someone else who isn’t you. " You hurried out into the bathroom, grabbing bandages and bandaids before hurrying to the kitchen where you grabbed an ice pack and a couple of Twinkies. Summary: You and Peter are best friends and ya like him. At least, until you end up drunk at his house after a party. pairing: peter parker x female reader warnings: none just fluff :) word count: 590. #andrew garfield peter parker x reader on Tumblr. " He answered with a pained chuckle. He’s just my best friend, and he was just being himself. from the story Peter Parker || reader oneshots by parkerslovergirl (<3) with 223 reads. Originally posted by tom-holla. Star Spangled Cuddles (Steve x Reader)(NSFW) Anon: 33 and 24 “out of blankets” and “stay here and cuddle with me” can you do a poly. in which ; peter parker x reader are best friends and promised they’d go to the homecoming dance together if they didn’t have other dates. summary: reader is sick and peter being the good boyfriend he is, is there to comfort her in her time of need. 8k pairings: peter parker x reader a/n: …. - Y/n… You know you can tell me what’s wrong… - Nothing is wrong Peter. He hands you his midtown tech hoodie, and you quickly slip it over. Peter laughs, sliding his arms down to his hoodie to take it off, “m'kay, fair point. “Peter?” she broke him out of his thoughts. Basically Peter is just a hoe for cuddles and you’re the one with zero self control who gives them up; # peter parker # peter parker x reader # peter parker imagine # peter parker headcanon # spider-man # spider-man x reader # marvel # mcu # marvel imagine # mcu imagine # tom holland x reader # tom holland # tom holland imagine # spider. The living room was silent and it all seemed ghostly without the presence of your peers voices. Cuddles: Peter Parker x Reader cergia. 1K Spencer Reid x Reader Some cases were harder than others for the young genius. all peter wants is a cuddle from his girl. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. You quickly went to grab some blankets and your food, making Peter smile and laugh softly. Warning: Cursing, Self- deprication(The one thing I’m good at), some angst, Peter being a cairing, sugary FLUFF boyfriend (A/N): Ok, this have been on my request list from before Valentine’s day, I AM SO SORRY, PERSON THAT REQUESTED THIS. Remus x Reader ️ Cuddles and Kisses ️ Requested : Could you do a Remus x reader thing where he’s possessive because it’s close to the full moon and there’s just lots of cuddles A/N: I hope you like. Summary: Peter Parker works through some things. Just tell me! I know something is wrong! I said and hugging her tightly and lifting her up. Originally posted by chrishemsworht. Cuddling with Peter Parker would include :(Woooo more prompts! #spiderman x reader #spider man imagine #spider man x reader #spider man . Then I saw Peter next to his locker. Bad at Secrets (PS4 Spider. Fridays meant a splash of normalcy. Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Spider. Cuddles and Appendicitis | Peter Parker masterlist found here pairing - Peter x reader word count - 1274 warnings - period talk if you need . Warnings⚠️: smut, CNC, whatever that sleeping kink is that starts with a S that I can’t remember how to spell and not about to look up »»——⍟——««A/n: I feel like the end was kinda suckish so sorry about that. Sumary: After a movie night, Peter falls sleep and tell you he’ll protect you ===== “Really? That’s what you are gonna wear?” M/n see his boyfriend enter to the room wearing a hello kitty pijamas, he has to admit, it wasn’t a surprise at all “What? They are really comfy” Peter just give to his. Summary: Your boyfriend of eight months Peter Parker. Pairing: Peter Parker X Plus size!Reader. ” peter parker peter parker imagine peter parker x reader spiderman . Bad at Secrets (PS4 Spider-man x Reader) [Summary: For as long as you’ve known Peter Parker, he has been pretty bad at keeping secrets. It was a nice day, birds were chirping and you could faintly hear the sound of May listening to the radio in the kitchen. As the movie rolled on, his hands settled in your hair and his fingers traced patterns absentmindedly up and down your arm. ” What for? he asked that night. Note: Hello ! It’s my first story here and I wrote it for a friend of mine :) I apologise for the errors, English is not my first language! ———————————— Publié à l'origine par dailyflicks. Peanut Butter Cookies [Peter Parker x Reader] ** peterporkerpete SUMMARY : You and Peter have to sit out on a mission, and the sexual tension between you two becomes quite blatant when you start tossing around flirtatious remarks (all characters are 18+ in this). Word Count: 1106 Warnings: none a/n: Haii everyone! This story is inspired by a song by Shawn Mendes. spider-plushie! The reader is hugging or cuddle with the spider plushie and peter is jealous. No Archive Warnings Apply · Peter Parker/Reader · Peter Parker · Reader . “ (Y/N),” Peter shook you softly as he anxiously glanced at the time, the soft snores of his aunt echoing down the hall into his room. So, thanks to my serious upset over my friend knowing Tom Holland and me never being able to meet him, I have created this incredibly sad ansgt songfic based on Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man (I was listening to it in the car and cried thinking about this) Not too great but just wrote it quickly in 30 minutes just to get something up. When the Avengers come back, they see you two cuddled up. But that all changed when your father had to go on an emergency mission over the weekend, leaving you unsupervised and free to do whatever you want. Y/n was grumpy and angry all day. Both call for a congratulations, so the misconception only continues to grow. Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader. The two of you would be sitting at a quiet airport lounge. Snowflakes and Cuddles Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader Summary: Just some cute winter fluff with you favorite Spidder boy. When the date ended, Peter walked with you to your house and kissed you goodbye. Black Pantherette — 5:25 am. so i didn’t know if to make this but here it goes…. Make gifs, find your community. Synopsis: when you get mad, at the fact that Peter is keeping something from you and confront him about it, he finally decides to tell you his secret telling him to cuddle with you. Just before you two go to bed, you ask Peter is you could cuddle with him because of the movie. Part of you blamed your father for never letting you come near a boy in your life, but that was also on you for being scared. yes please? Originally posted by ageofthesith. Peter Parker comes to Tony Stark] · [choking up] · [starts crying]. He likes to loop his arms around your waist when you hug, your arms reached up over his shoulders because he likes to feel you pressed against him. 038042 Peter and Stark!Reader and Tony Caught. “Babe, please stop bringing me soup and blankets and just come into bed with me,” He’d say with a nasally voice. Won’t Ever Know (Peter Parker X Reader) Summary: Feeling helpless and incapable- something Spiderman is far from- Peter has girl issues. If you were to ask Peter Parker where he'd be on a Friday afternoon or night, it wouldn't be with friends or at a party, it would be in Tony Starks lab or on Tony Starks couch watching movies and eating too much pizza. Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader Word Count: 669 Summary: Soulmate AU where everything you write or draw on your skin appears on your soulmate too. hollanders, spiderman, peterparker. Word count: 928 Warnings: Nope A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since. Discover more posts about spider-man x reader, spiderman fluff, . Not if you got to see his face light up with excitement and make an excuse to cuddle. You're more than enough if anything I should be the one worrying about losing you. Petey Cuddles Peter Parker x Reader Request from Anon: I am delivering a peter request thou has asketh for- how about peter freaking out . Read Cuddle {Peter Parker} from the story tom holland imagines by jastans (jassa) with 3073 reads. You were laying on a sofa while watching something on Netflix while Peter stayed by your side, not really paying attention to the show at all. " The doors opened, and Peter immediately smelled burnt food. “Really, Peter, my daughter ?”. I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. Never miss a post from duskholland. *warnings: smut that turns into fluff, gag, spanking, tears, and reader being kinda tied up *pairing: harry styles x reader *authors note: so, I found this in the deep depths of my phones notes when I was cleaning them out at 2am and I don’t even remember writing this honestly. Peter Parker, her best friend and secret. It's a rainy, restless night but thankfully your amazing boyfriend is always available for cuddles. Summary: Just some cute winter fluff with you favorite Spidder boy. “Yeah, we’ll keep filming tomorrow. Cuddles and food sounded nice even better with your love. hey ya'll ☺︎︎ — Cuddle headcanons - P. We should get them together,” Wanda said. Healing (Peter Parker x reader) summary: four moments of hurt, and one moment of healing warnings: angst words: 2. Read Cuddles from the story ~Tough Love~ Peter Parker x Reader ONESHOTS by ToriTheBoss with 4584 reads. Peter Parker Peter is all about the hugs - he worked damn hard to get you, and once he’s got you, he’s gonna make sure you know he isn’t gonna let you go, and hugs are the best way to do that. Peter waking up wanting cuddles. Warnings: Angst, Eating Disorder, Sad Stuff, The Opposite of Fluff. he had not realized that you were standing in his doorway. #tom holland imagine #tom Holland #tom Holland x reader #Peter Parker #Peter Parker x reader #tom Holland imagines #quackson #Hollanders #tom Holland one shots More you might like Just came to my realization that Tom Holland will never be my London boy and neither will we ever walk through Cornelia Street hand in hand after having a beautiful. This imagine takes place after the Captian America: Civil. summary: Y/N is pregnant, but the Avengers think her and Peter are engaged. P • Pairing: Peter Parker x girlfriend;reader • when you get mad, at the fact that Peter is keeping something from you, he finally decides to tell you his secret. But he has another side- a possessive, clingy and protective side- that only comes out whenever you’re around. daily dose of failure | peter parker x reader (+ the group aka mj, ned and harry) a/n: sup folks. Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Peter Peter Parker Spiderman Peter X Reader Peter Parker X Reader Spiderman X Reader Avengers Marvel Spiderman Homecoming Oneshot Fluff Awake The sound of rain pounding at your window woke you up with a start. ” You rolled your eyes and decided that watching Back to the Future yet again wasn’t so bad. warnings: little sad peter :( and fluff! word count: 400+ please don’t steal any of my work. The Plan : Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader) Birthday Present - Peter Parker x Reader. 1 year ago on December 14, 2020 at 12:04 pm. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. 8k pairings: peter parker x reader a/n: AGH this kinda hurt to write so sorry in. Shocking moment biker almost hits a BEAR near. Reader is drop dead gorgeous by his standards and one of the smartest girls in his grade. IMAGINE: Movie night + “I love. peter parker x reader peter parker imagines peter parker x male!reader mcu peter tom holland x reader tom holland. Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy. synopsis: reader gets fed up with peter’s constant over protective attitude with her. - Hi! You are Peter, right? I said to him and he turned around. A/N: TBH, I intended for this to be a one-shot, but then my angst decided never mind. Warning and Notes: Drinking, Drunk Reader, Awkward convos, PS4 game spoilers, swearing, May didn’t die. I Just Wanna Cuddle Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader Request: Hello! I just found your blog and I love it!! I'm especially fond of your Peter . So, I failed a major music exam a few weeks back and I am still wallowing in sadness over it. Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader) (fluff) lottiedotti It’s a rainy, restless night but thankfully your amazing boyfriend is always available for …. Peter Parker x Reader Warnings:Break-ins and bullet wounds“Baby do you have to go?”I asked Peter as he pulled his Spider-Man suit on,”I am sorry babe but Mr. Basically Peter is just a hoe for cuddles and you’re the one with zero self control who gives them up # peter parker # peter parker x reader # peter parker. Pairing: Peter Parker x Male reader. A/N: Just an intro tease for a lil series I’m. He slides the material off, exposing his perfect abs and tan body rippling with muscles. Synopsis: Peter come to see you aand find you sick, he decides to take care of you. Not that you’re a light sleeper, but you felt him squirming. original post marvel imagine marvel fanfic peter parker imagine peter parker fanfic peter parker x reader steve rogers fanfic steve rogers imagine steve rogers x reader bucky barnes imagine bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes fanfic erik killmonger imagine erik killmonger fanfic erik killmonger x reader tom holland …. “Just let me grab you a glass of water. When Peter wakes up and sees the time, he quickly. summary: being a 16 year old boy is hard enough, but being the friendly neighbourhood spiderman on top of all this is even harder. This is what come of all of this sadness seeing as I have seen Spiderman Homecoming twice now and I kind of want him all to myself…. I was walking down the school hall with my books in my hand going towards my locker. Near the city of Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand the beast lets out a roar and nearly runs into the bike almost knocking off the rider. Quotes · [after Thanos and his army has been defeated. Before Peter left you asked him. Peter’s quick to notice you staring and tilts your chin upward, “eyes here, my love. Reader x peter parker toi [MCU] Truyện tam đề Begin From The End Thể loại truyện Truyện teen Fanfiction Tiểu thuyết Lãng mạn Huyền ảo Phi tiểu thuyết Hài hước Siêu nhiên Bí ẩn Kinh dị Phiêu lưu Cổ đại Thơ ca Truyện ngắn. Cue surprised Avengers, Tony matchmaking and very, very, possessive & protective Peter. The government refused to let anything else out, in case of the public turning into some sort of frenzy, but it still intrigued you. Heya I'm M0 — Peter Parker. peterparkerxreader, college, marvel. however, peter forgets to tell the reader he’s going with liz, and the reader gets dressed up and waits for peter to arrive. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. "And please stop calling me that, it's just Peter. The Secret that is Peter Parker Chapter 1 (fixed), an. Couch Cuddles(Peter Parker x Reader) ohmygod you're open again!!! this makes me so happy bc your writing is incredible. based on the request: Hello Your writing is absolutely awesome and you’re a very talented writer!I was hoping you maybe wanted to write something where the reader is Peter Parker’s girlfriend and she know that he’s Spider-Man Peter is being …. warnings: none just fluff :) word count: 590. Cuddle Up and Don't be Blue Fandom: Marvel/The Avengers Pairing: Peter Parker x Male!Reader Prompt: “Hey! I'm so glad to see a blog like . pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Fem!Reader. Can I get a peter parker x male reader where the reader comes back from a mission and is really. Cuddle-able (Peter Parker x Reader) Request: mOre pEter can I get uhm 30 from prompt list four with peter 30. He proceeded to start the movie and you removed yourself from his embrace to grab a pillow and use his lap for support. reader, teenreader, infinitywar. TASM! Peter Parker x period! reader. You sighed and took his hand, leading him over to your bed to sit down. all I remember was that I got the idea from listening to the song boohoo baby by snaggletooth. Summary: After a long night, the Reader falls asleep, Peter next to her. Cuddles ~Peter Parker Imagine~. - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. Sick Cuddles Whenever Tom was sick he was even more clingy than usual, but you didn’t mind. See a recent post on Tumblr from @genesisrose74 about andrew garfield peter parker x reader. Pairing: TASM Peter Parker x male reader. Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader) (fluff). spiderman, peterparker, tomholland. You wanted to cuddle with Peter, but nerves got the best of you and you always decided against it. “You’re thinking too much about it, Nat. Because of that, Peter has never gotten the chance to properly cuddle you, and his heightened senses have really made him pine for you even more. Lucky for him, you’re much better at it. A/N: hello everyone, i am currently sick and dying so i thought why not imagine peter parker. relationship between Steve/bucky/reader? If you’re not comfortable with poly, can you do it with Peter parker/reader? 24. it’s just like a preview cuz i’d have to pay for some features to continue so i just wanna see if this gets some love and if yes then i’ll do more!!<3 and i don’t want to make it just social media au! but actually write something ;). You simply shook your head sideways and sighed. After a long night, the Reader falls asleep, Peter next to her. lex — ♡cuddles with taron♡. , so if you would like to, then you can check it out!. Peter has a sensory overload during sex. I barely know him, but my god he IS attractive. Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Female) Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 Summary: (Y/N) never understood science based subjects, despite putting all her efforts into studying them. it was on a rainy night when peter came in, practically soaking wet, holding a backpack close to his chest. Some cases, he just couldn’t shake them,. Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x reader) (fluff. Spider Snuggles (Male Reader x Peter Parker). #peter parker x reader #peter parker x you #peter parker fanfic #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker imagine #spiderman imagines #spider man x you #spider man x reader #bucky x reader #steve rogers x reader #black widow x reader #bruce banner x reader #thor x reader #loki x reader #winter solider x reader More you might like. Pairing: Peter Parker x girlfriend;reader. Details: Summary: Peter wants to cuddle. y/n cuddled up to him, her head on his shoulder, her breath brushing his neck. Fridays to Peter meant time to spend with the closest thing he's ever had to a father. You’re Tony’s daughter too (it’s hinted at) (If you want me to write a different fic where Tony is more innolved, as in they probs get caught, i’ll do that. If so, could you do some fluffy Peter Parker stuff? Cuddling with him and watching a movie? Him telling reader (male, please) how much he loves . Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x reader) (fluff) lottiedotti. Originally posted by oscar-piastri. Bees and birds to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch. #peter parker x male reader #peter parker x reader #peter parker #spiderman x you #spiderman #avengers x reader #the avengers #peter x gn!reader #peter parker x fem!reader #spiderman x y/n. Author’s Note: So this was one of my imagines from my main. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. “Why did your Aunt May leave you card that said “be careful and use protection” with a condom with the card”. ฝึกฝนเป็นสายลับมาครึ่งชีวิต ถูกสั่งให้ติดตามหาข้อมูลจากพวกอเวนเจอร์สของพวกหน่วยชีลด์ทั้งที ทำไมต้องตามติดเจ้าเนิร์ดนี่ล่ะ!. Peter said softly in your neck, making you giggle and agree. Requested : Could you do a Remus x reader thing where he’s possessive because it’s close to the full moon and there’s just lots of cuddles A/N: I hope you like it, love! It turnerd out pretty fluff ^^ ( And kind of short ) Also! I just completed my Masterlist. Let's Just Cuddle Marvel Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader Word Count: 1107 Warning: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF Summary: Requested: Peter Parker fluffy . Juan Francisco Guillermo, 47, killed by driver in …. Won’t Ever Know (Peter Parker X Reader). Cuddle BugSpencer loves cuddles (different Spencer Reid cuddling scenarios) 1. Peter Parker Trying to Cuddle Would Include. Star Spangled Cuddles (Steve x Reader)(NSFW). a/n: Okay, I'm not new to writing or anything but this IS my first I hope you guys like it! warning: lots of angst and all that. ” She broke up with a boy that night. Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader) (fluff) lottiedotti It’s a rainy, restless night but thankfully your amazing boyfriend is always available for cuddles. 3k a/n: short n sweet :) please request some dean x reader “dean?” your voice startled the hunter. peter parker spiderman peter parker x fem!reader peter parker x reader peter x reader spiderman imagine spider man marvel au marvel x reader peter parker fluff peter parker oneshot tasm!peter fluff tasm peter parker spider man one shot spider man x reader peter parker x you peter parker x y/n peter parker x fem. “I’m gonna head to bed guys,” Karl said to the group, realising how late I was. C = Cuddle (how do they cuddle?) rp mcu fanfiction mcu headcanons mcu imagine mcu masterlist spiderman spider-man peter parker peter parker fluff peter parker x reader peter parker imagine peter parker fic fluff alphabet send me a prompt send me a request. ” Later that day, Natasha cornered Peter after she spotted him leaving the lab and asked him directly. Reader and Tony Caught them cuddling with shirtless Peter and the Caught in the act | P. A/N: this is kinda rushed and im sorry about that. Parker pairing: peter parker x reader\. Prompt: Hey, I love your writings! Whenever you get the chance can you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and doesn’t know that they are dating but some of the other avengers start to find out. hello-starlight asked: Peter Parker x Reader where when he comes back they both cry and hug eachother and admit their feelings since they never did before the snap. Peter walked up to the elevator, "Take me to Mr. pairing: peter parker x female reader. ” He’d whine, “I just want cuddles Y/N. A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since we posted a new story, finals came faster than either of us were expecting but we’re back!. Note; This imagine is inspired from Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) kiss scene from Teen Wolf in season 3, episode 11 where Stiles was having the panic attack in the middle of the hallway of Beacon Hills High School school. Tom walks to the bed and lays down next to you, you instantly cuddle up to his chest, he wraps his arms tightly. He followed soon the both of you were cuddled up on the couch in each other’s arms. You and Peter didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye as Thanos snapped his fingers, you watched Peter turn to dust in Tony’s arms and within seconds you did too. Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader Warnings: None HC Count: 20 A/N: I just really like this idea. Realization (Peter Parker x Reader) Although everything was a complete blur, you could somehow assume, from the report on the news, that the Avengers had some sort of falling out. Bad Day Cuddles Bad Day Cuddles Peter Parker X Reader Prompt(s): Maybe some cuddly Peter Parker after the reader has a bad day?. dean winchester x gn!reader (reader is referred to as princess though) warnings: nightmare mention, comfort, toothrotting fluff, idiots in love basically word count: 0. Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD! You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. Peter Parker/Reader; Spider-Man x Reader - Relationship Rainy Night Cuddles (Peter Parker x reader) (fluff) Your boyfriend of eight months Peter Parker. Masterlist-Peter sat across from you, on the coffee table. Chilean cyclist's record quest to go 155,000 miles on five continents ends as he is killed by pickup truck in northern Thailand. “You know, I think we all should,” Y/n suggested, “we’ve been up for hours. When I Was Your Man - Peter Parker x Reader. In a world where there the lines of impossible are muddled Peter Parker was extraordinary, he had an x-gene when he was born, and that is what made him perfect, he was the perfect weapon, at the age of 3 he was smarter than all the guards in Hydra, he was supposed to just be a better winter soldier but he adapted. When Peter wakes up and sees the time, he quickly realizes that if Aunt May caught them, it'd be trouble, leading to a very fluffy conversation. Inspired by the comic book, the 29 year-old plays the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, a bit of a teenage geek who turns into the web-weaving . Read Injury Cuddles Peter Parker x Reader from the story Marvel x Reader Oneshots by Hello_Starlight with 1,006 reads. “don’t wake up, stay here and cuddle with me. Cuddles: Peter Parker x Reader. In fact you absolutely loved it. She didn’t want to tell me what’s wrong. Stark, stop trying to make food without me or Pepper. You felt him moving against your back. falls in love too easy — 𝐏𝐎𝐎𝐑 𝐊𝐈𝐃 𝐉𝐔𝐒𝐓 𝐖𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐒 𝐂𝐔𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐄𝐒. Comfort and cuddles (Peter Parker x reader) Requested by Anon: Peter Parker x stark!Reader where they are both interns for Tony. Let's cuddle (Peter Parker x Reader) Request: Hey, I've been struggling with my depression/anxiety lately, so I was wondering if you could . I JUST HAVE THIS HUGE BLOCK WRITER AND IT. The brunette turned to face you, a grin forming as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his side. klarex — TASM! Peter Parker x reader. mal struggles to write fics : Fluff Alphabet. Since meeting at the beginning sophomore year you two had been inseparable, he was a dotting boyfriend and …. 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. Peter Parker - Reader (they/them) It was an incredibly boring day at the Avengers Tower. “I love you Y/n” he said holding your face in his hands as he studied your tired face. Black Pantherette — Cuddle Day. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never you know what. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself.