How To Unlock Lg Stylo 4 Without Losing Data

How To Unlock Lg Stylo 4 Without Losing DataWi-Fi Internet connection necessary. This is the proper way of unlocking the bootloader without losing your data. However, in this article, we will show you multiple options available to unlock the Motorola phone. Nota: This method does not work if your LG has the verification Google account lock, for this you must purchase the premium reset to remove with Google FRP bypass. Now input your Google Account password and the LG Stylo 4 Plus should be unlocked. Then you'll get the primary interface of the program. Losing data from your device is never out of the question. 4 and below allow you to enter a wrong password or screen pattern about five times before prompting you to try again in the next 30 seconds. You can use any of the following methods to unlock LG Zone 4 without losing data: Using Gmail. It can also perform LG Unlock easily for you. Press the Volume Up + Home + Power/Volume Down + Power/Home + Power buttons to enter the recovery mode. Now, DroidKit comes to save you. 4 Best Ways Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset. Therefore, you can try one by one until you have unlocked your LG Zone 4 smartphone. More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I need to unlock LG stylo 3 has previous owners Google account and unknown password?. It is very daunting when you get locked . In the Account Unlock section, fill in your Google account details and tap Sign in. G4 Frp Without Bypass Pc Lg. Turn on your computer and open any browser. Launch the android tool on your computer and select "Unlock" among all the tools. Let's get started! There are basically multiple methods to unlock your LG Stylo 4 smartphone, and what method to opt for depends on you. If this method works, you should see your Google Pixel 4 unlock. In this article, you can learn not only the step-by-step instructions to bypass your LG activation, but also a detail instruction about how to backup data and files previously. Hold down the physical home key for a few seconds and then release. This is the reason why you can never be too cautious when it comes to losing your data. Launch the program and click “Remove Screen Lock “to start. · Now Select Yes Option by using volume down button and press Power Button. Press and hold the Power/Lock key and the Volume Down key at the same time. Log in the website with Google certificate of your phone being able to run on the site. Unlock Locked Android Phone without Losing Data – Safe Mode Booting your locked phone into safe mode is the last solution for users to unlock Android phone without losing data. This article explains easy methods to unlock your LG Styo 4 without reset or losing any data. Now look at this Android Password Removal specializes in: Removing 4 screen lock types including pattern, password, pin & fingerprints. Supports to bypass the lock screen on LG G2/G3/G4 and Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series. You can also unlock your device without losing data like media files and contacts. Metro by T-Mobile LG Stylo 5 is also known as LG Q720MS. 7 Guide To Root LG Stylo 4 Via KingoRoot App – 2nd Method. Enter these values into the APN section of your phone’s Settings app. The software is developed so that Android users have a safe and simple mode of recovering their device. You can try our software to unlock the screen lock without losing your data on LG Stylo 4. Step 3: Select your device information and click “ Start to Unlock ”. Unlocking an LG LG Stylo 4 is easy as dialing a number. In the process, no data would be lost on your device. Our process is 100% safe and secure. Step 1 Download and install the program on your computer and connect your LG phone to it. The provision is not available on devices, which run on newer versions of Android. It's easy to unlock pattern lock without losing data if you luckily have a locked Android running on Android 4. A menu will be pop up to enter the Unlock Code. Fone) You may not always be able to follow the methods above. Launch the program and click "Remove Screen Lock "to start. Best Ways to Bypass Activation in LG. Thank You For Watching!!!!Be sure to subscribe for more tech videosUnlocking Company Link: https://theunlockingcompany. Step 1 Enter the wrong password/PIN/pattern for 5 times. Steps to unlock LG Stylo 4 without passcode via LockWiper (Android) Step 1: From the Home interface, select the “Remove Screen Lock” mode and click “Start” to begin the process. We are not responsible for data loss. Courses on how to unlock Android phone without losing data with Find My Device: * Step 1. How to Root LG Stylo 4 without Computer (KingoRoot apk for Android) Before starting the rooting process, follow these steps. No need for Gmail or Factory Reset. Step 3 Step 3: Click on “Start” on the next window and confirm. Part 3: Bypass LG Stylo 4 Lock Screen without Reset by Android Device Manager. Set a temporary password for the phone. It doesn't interfere in your system or change it in any way so even after using our code, you don't loose your warranty. Watch the video to unlock your phone without losing data: Unlock Locked Android Phone with Google Find My Device (Android 4. To bypass LG lock screen without reset using Android Unlock: Step 1. Mobile Data Usage Graph - Use to set and monitor your data usage. Before the task, you should download the Android Lock Screen Removal program on a computer, then install and run it. The following tutorial shows all method of master reset LG Stylo 4. 10 Ways to Hack/ Bypass Android PIN or Password without. Part 2: How to Bypass LG Stylo 4 Lock Screen via Google's Find My Device. More on that, you will also get the step by step instructions . com/reset-and-unlock-lg-stylo-4/You can easily Hard Reset LG Stylo 4 android mobile here. Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button together until the LG logo appears on the screen. Step 2 From the options available on the main interface, select “Remove Screen Lock”. Step 2: Press Win + R and then enter CMD to open a command prompt window. Hi, I am writing this guide because many people followed other guides in the forum and lost their data. If you want to unlock LG Stylo 4 to use with the sim card of your choice, then you are at the right place. How do I unlock my LG Stylo 5 without losing data? Remove Pattern lock or Facelock or Pin. the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain as is. About Bypass Stylo 2 Lg Activation. Our free LG unlock codes work by remote code (no software required) and are not only FREE, but they are easy and safe. Step 4: Restart your LG phone and then you will find that the screen lock has removed. ADM is usually used to find a lost phone, but it can also ring, unlock, or erase device data. How To Root LG Stylo 4 Easily. Answer: I don't think that you do need a computer. Regardless of the reason, you want to perform a factory reset for LG Q Stylo 4. Unlock LG Stylo 4 by Answering Google Security Questions Step 1:. Some unlock methods may erase all your mobile data like. Step 3: Now using the OTG cable, connect. How to Bypass Lock Code on LG Phone with Google Account. How to Factory Reset android LG Stylo 4 Plus LM-Q710WA. If you have another phone and need to unlock it, here's how to go about it: First, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements. How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock Without Losing Data? The first method of unlocking your Android phone pattern lock is using the highly recommended dr. Make sure you know other data such as model number, kernel number, build number, etc. Once the whole progress is over, you can access your LG device without entering any password and view all your data on the device without limitation. There are a couple of ways to unlock your iPhone passcode without losing the saved data. LG Stylo 4 Unlock with Google Account You can unlock your LG mobile with Google or Gmail Account. LG Stylo 4 Unlock by Hard Reset Turn Off your LG mobile. Insert a non accepted GSM SIM card and power on your phone. Open “Settings” Go to “General” and tap “Apps” Select the desired app. Click on the " Manage apps " (applications) and select the " All " tab. You already know that in order to activate FRP you must attach a Google account to your device, set a security option, and factory reset your device via stock recovery menu. Simple phone unlocking process. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Android 8. LG: We suck at making phones. In this section, we are going to explore three tested methods. Booting your Android device in Safe Mode is an excellent way to unlock the pattern lock if a third-party app locked the phone. Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) Remove 4 Types of Android Screen Lock without Data Loss. Unlocking Android screen passcode without losing data. Brand new LG Stylo 4 is doing exactly what old one did (“old” one was less than a year old). Cricket Wireless offers a few models of Android-powered LG phones, such as the LG Optimus C and the Optimus Regard. Save big + get 3 months free! Sign up for ExpressVPN today We may earn a commission for purchas. How do i unlock my lg phone without a google account? Looking for an answer to the question: How do i unlock my lg phone without a google account? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: How do i unlock my lg phone without a google account?. Step 1: Enter the wrong password 5 times on your Android phone, and you will see the Forgot pattern option on the screen. When the whole process is over, you are free to access your LG G2/G3/G4/G5 without any Passcode. Then click “Start” on the program. For LG Stylo 4 from T-Mobile/MetroPCS USA. Wait for the syncing process to complete. You can also unlock your device without losing data such as media files and . Feel free to update, restore factory settings and change your sim without the worry of the phone becoming locked. Second option - LG Stylo 4 Plus without Google Account. For this process to work you need to install the custom recovery process into your phone. Best Ways to Unlock LG Phone Without Code. Remove any types of Android screen lock, including password, pattern, PIN, Fingerprint, etc. Download this Android Unlock tool before installing and starting it. Press the power button of your device and hold it for some seconds. MetroPCS branded LG stylo 4. Trust in our cutting edge technology to obtain the unlocked device in record time and with the most competitive prices in the market. fone – Screen Unlock (Android) is an outstanding LG password unlocking tool. You will be presented with your Google security questions which. The Android Device Manager feature can help you locate, remotely lock or unlock and wipe all the data on your LG Stylo 3/ K20/G5/G4/G3 lock . Press the Power and Volume Down button at the same time for a few seconds, until the LG logo would appear. Step 3: Type in the command adb shell rm/data/system/gesture. 4 KitKat and Below) It's easy to unlock pattern lock without losing data if you luckily have a locked Android running on Android 4. How to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset? (Solved). Android tightened up security when they released Lollipop 5. How to Bypass LG Stylo 4 Lock Screen via Google's Find My Device. Step 4: Wait for the program to complete the unlock process. The program ensures the quality of your file won’t be compromised in the process. Note: When you use your Google account to unlock your LG, your account needs to be associated with your LG phone beforehand. With a few simple steps, it can successfully unlock your Android phone that is locked with password, pattern or fingerprint without losing any data. Forgot password/pattern/pin/fingerprint on LG Stylo 4/5/G8/G7, think of how to bypass LG lock screen without reset, avoiding erasing any . Otherwise, if you are traveling or taking your phone to another carrier, you will need to unlock the SIM card so the phone can be used on other mobile networks. How to Unlock LG Stylo 4 Free by IMEI. Step 3 The LockWiper will detect your device automatically and display the information of your LG phone on the main screen. Find out the location of the unlock and click on it. I have forgotten the password or screen lock code/pattern for LG Stylo 4 Plus. If the process is successful, you will see a confirmation window with buttons: Ring, Lock and Erase. 1 Using iTunes (If You Have iTunes Backup) In this method, you must have first backed up your iPhone's data to iTunes. Method 1: Unlock LG Phone without Password with iSkysoft Toolbox there isn't any fear of loosing your important data. Next, connect your LG phone to this computer via a USB cable and tap on “Start” to begin. You can use your Gmail username and password to unlock your mobile. I recently got a new router from my ISP (Spectrum). 2 Solutions to Unlock LG Phones without Password/PIN/Pattern. While the home screen is displayed, click on an app or. Enter the Unlock Code provided by us. To be able to unlock your phone: Connect by USB your Google Pixel 4 to your computer. Once you get the LG Stylo 4 unlock code on your email, follow the steps below 1. How do I unlock my Android phone?. This article teaches how to unlock LG Stylo 4 for free. Another way of unlocking your device without losing your valuable data is via the custom recovery tool. After the unlock process has been completed you will be able to use your LG Stylo 4 and 4+ with any carrier from any region. When unlocking by IMEI, you will preserve both the data and the warranty. The IMEI assigned to your smartphone can be used to unlock your LG Stylo 4 device through our unlocking tool. Tap Forgot pattern or Forgot Knock Code. Tap on "Forgot pattern?" option Step 3. Launch the android tool on your computer and select “Unlock” among all the tools. Select the phone you need to unlock (if you only have one device, please skip this process). Insert a non-accepted SIM Card (AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS etc…) Enter the unlock code provided by UNLOCKLOCKS. To unlock Stylo 4 using your Gmail account, follow below-mentioned steps: Step 1: After multiple wrong attempts, you will get “Forgot Pattern” or “Forgot PIN/Password” option. 6 Guide To Root LG Stylo 4 via Magisk – 1st Method. Note: This method only works for Android phones running on Android 4. This method works on every version of Android OS and quite simple as well. and remove screen lock from some Samsung devices without losing data. Once the limit is reached, your mobile data connection is disabled and you will receive a notification. Go to the dial screen and press 2945#*71001# or 2945#*20001#. The one and only possible solution to unlock: If you've set up Smart Lock on your phone and have it automatically log in when it’s on your home Wi-Fi then you can take your phone to that home Wi-FI network and it will automatically unlock for you, even if you can’t remember the normal unlock code. Insert a simcard from a different network (for example if the device comes from Orange network insert a T-Mobile simcard). You can still perform a factory reset without losing data, by syncing contacts to Gmail first. You must have LG Device ID for getting . How to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern. ; Step 2: Now turn it ON by pressing “Power + Volume Up button” combinations . More than 200 LG devices are unlocked each day by us. On the lock screen, after five incorrect attempts, you’ll be asked to wait for 30 seconds. The option to reset your pin/password/pattern via your Google account was removed, and will only work on devices running Android 4. Turn off your LG Stylo 5 · Simultaneously press: Button welcome plus on / off; Volume plus and Power · a menu will appear, click on wipe data / . How To Bypass Smartphone Lock Screen. The program will not delete the phone settings and data. LG Stylo 4 Unlock by Hard Reset · After that, Select Factory Data reset option, By using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power Button. Step 2: To use the software, you need to keep an OTG cable and a USB drive handy. Unlock LG Phone Forgot password by Install TWRP to SD Card. To confirm your selection, use the Power Key. Use the volume keys to move both up and down. This update made it impossible for hackers to bypass the lock screen unless they know the actual pin/password/pattern. It supports to remove Android phone password, . LG PC Suite: Manage LG Phone Data on PC/Mac; How to Recover Photos, Videos from LG; This article would introduce two different methods to bypass screen lock on LG smartphone. Real Methods to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Losing Data. Your LG Stylo 4 is now unlocked. Just wait until it’s completed. I am trying to unlock MetroPCS LG stylo 4. To avoid losing personal app data, clear ONLY the app’s cache. Wait while the device connects to the server. After successful generation of an unlock code, you’ll have a few diferent ways to type in an NCK code into your smartphone. Android will then show you an overview of . In some cases, people think there are only fewer options available to unlock the device. Bypass LG Phone Lock Screen Password without Losing Data Once the recovery package downloading is completed, the program will start to remove the lock screen from LG phone without any data loss. Only remove the lock screen, no data loss at all. Step 1: In order to use the tool, you’d need to start with LG stylo 2 FRP bypass tool free downloading to your device. Step 1: Start Up the Software and Connect LG Phone to the Computer. The LG Stylo 4 has arrived, and it's a good option around $200. In order for this work on your phone you must meet the following requirements:. After installation, start up the program on your computer. How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock without Factory Reset- FoneCope. To learn how to unlock LG phone effortlessly, follow these steps:Launch the iSkysoft Toolbox on your computer and from its welcome screen select the “Unlock” option. Since the recovery package for different phone models is different. [Fixed] How to Unlock Locked Android Phone without Losing Data. To unlock an LG phone, contact us and we will advise you on everything necessary. In fact, this is the official method of unlocking, recommended by the manufacturer so it’s the safest way. The stylus on the LG Stylo 4 gives users access to a few handy tools, as well as basics like easier typing and navigation. Superb aNDROID uNLOCK tOOL Bypass 4 Kinds of Screen Lock Bypass Android lock screen password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprints on your Samsung/LG Android device without losing data. Top 5 Ways to Bypass LG Lock Screen Password/PIN/Pattern. Check the Limit mobile data usage which allows you to set a limit for mobile data usage on the device. This professional software easily removes . Many of you should have upgraded Android OS to a higher version, so this may be the easiest but useless one on modern Samsung devices. How do I unlock my LG without losing data? In the Android Device Manager interface, choose the device you want to unlock > Click Lock button > Enter a temporary password (no need to enter any recovery message) > Click Lock button again. 0 - Read the whole guide before proceeding and proceed at your own risk! 1 - Make sure you have adb and fastboot installed on your device,. Solved] 6 Ways to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset. Check if your device is eligible for unlock: Mobile Wireless Device Unlocking. The phone’s home screen will be displayed – briefly. This section is not written yet. Now Open CMD window and Type “adb reboot bootloader“. Release all keys when the Factory Reset screen appears. How to Unlock LG Phones Forgot Password?. Turns on and turns off randomly. Forgot Pin Password On LG G4 (Solution). Remove Lock Screen on LG Phone without Data Loss. Step 2: Select your device model. 4 Best Ways Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset. The chances are that the solution would only work if your device is running on android 4. Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) to unlock the Android lock screen without a data loss. Finally, Tap on the Erase option. LG Stylo 4 comes with a Non-removable 3300 mAh battery. Unlock LG Stylo 4 with Forgotten Password or Pattern Lock. If you are using the third-party lock screen software, then you can definitely try this way. Remove lock screen on lg phone without data loss once the recovery package downloading is completed, the program will start to remove the screen lock from lg phone without any data loss. Step 1: Connect your LG Stylo 4 Android phone. 2 Flash The Patched boot Image on your device. 7 Ways to Bypass Android's Secured Lock Screen. As a result your LG Stylo 4 will be as new and your Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 core will run faster. Good news is, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or LG X power, your phone is already unlocked. Google's Android Device Manager (ADM) aka Find my Device can also be used to unlock your smartphone. This step is essential; without unlocking you cannot. This final method is without a doubt the best method that there is. We will tell you a very simple way to do LG Q Stylo 4 factory reset without a password, needing only a bare minimum of tech know-how. About Bypass Google Lg 4 Rebel. Way 1: Hard Reset LG phone to Bypass LG Phone PIN/Pattern (erases all phone data) If you want to know how to unlock a LG phone screen locked, then you can always put it in recovery mode and perform a factory reset. Step 4: Remove Android lock screen without losing any data. If your LG phone is still running on Android 4. From the apps list, tap T-Mobile > Device Unlock. · Release the “Power/Lock” button when the LG . Install, Run the Program and Select ‘Unlock’. Part 1: How to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset via Android Unlock (Hot). Search: Lg G4 Frp Bypass Without Pc. 6 Ways] How To Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password Without Losing. To do so, follow the below-given steps: Launch the device " Settings " app and scroll to the Apps. Always take a backup of the phone’s data first in case something goes wrong. How to enter an unlock code in a LG Q Stylo 4: First option: 1. fone will begin to unlock your Android devices. The first alternative way to bypass LG lock screen without reset or computer includes the …. Remove LG Stylo 4 unlock screen. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. Now, how do I unlock my LG Q Stylo 4 without losing data? You can find this common question all . One of the best and effective ways to crack phone passwords without losing data is by using Android Unlock Tool. 2021 Top 4 Solutions to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset. The application will restart your phone in the end without losing any data or saved settings. If you're more concerned with getting into your phone than you are with preserving any data stored on it, . com will not be responsible for Dead SD Cards, Bricked Devices or any other Mishappening with your device. Method 4Perform a Factory Reset. Steps: Lock the device with a “secure” pattern, PIN, or password. Each and every android device is susceptible, even your LG smartphones. My wifi network displays the status of disabled. Tap on it, and then select “Answer Questions” option. Next, connect your LG device to your PC via a USB cable. But it is still worth trying as you can solve the lock screen problem in several steps. I can’t make nor recieved calls OR texts. Settings > Network tab > Data Manager. by Anna Sherry Updated on 2020-05-09 / Update for Unlock Android. No technical skills are required. Step 2: Now, connect your LG Stylo 4 smartphone to your computer via a USB cable. Best Way to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password/PIN/Pattern without Losing Data. Step 1: Connect LG phone to the computer with a USB cable. Release the buttons for a second and press them again simultaneously. Last time AT&T just did it for me and they emailed me a confirmation code. In this tutorial we explain how to reset your LG Stylo 4 Plus LM-Q710WA and leave it fully restored to factory settings, the phone will remain as the first day it is purchased, without any information or programs installed. Release the Power Key only when the LG logo is displayed, then press and hold the Power Key again. We'll help you reset your password or lock pattern for free. You can even unlock some LG phones without data loss. These methods only work on some models. The next alternate way to bypass LG Stylo 4 lock screen without reset involves the use of Android Device Manager. 4 and below) If your LG device runs on Android 4. Steps to unlock LG Stylo 4 without passcode via LockWiper (Android) Step 1: From the Home interface, select the "Remove Screen Lock" mode and click "Start" to begin the process. Save big + get 3 months free! Sign up for ExpressVPN today We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. When you clear an app’s data, your personal data stored within the app will be deleted, including custom settings, save files, user profiles etc. Press and hold this keys at the same time: Volume Down Key + Power or lock Key. Enter incorrect pattern lock for 5 times so that the forgot pattern hints will show up. You can use any of the following methods to unlock LG Q Stylo 4 without losing data: Using Gmail account Answering Google security questions Using SDK tool Using Android Data Recovery Tool (Dr. Check how to unlock your LG phone with this LockWiper. Press the Power/Lock key to select. Unlock LG Stylo 4 by Hard Reset (Factory Reset) ; Step 1: Turn Off your LG Stylo 4. 4 long ago, but if you’re still one of the few people that have a phone on that version, Google makes it pretty easy to unlock Android phone without a pattern. It should be your first choice whenever you look for how to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data. Press the “ICE” button on the bottom left. Unlock Locked Android without Losing data Using Android Unlock [HOT!] Android Unlock is regarded as the most reliable and efficient tool to unlock your Android devices. Wipe all data on your LG Stylo 5 mobile. This screen unlocking program removes 4 . Enter the Unlock code (NCK code) and confirm. Not all of them might not work on your device. Learn how to use the Mobile Device Unlock code of the LG Stylo 4. 1 Steps To Root LG Stylo 4 Android A11 Without PC. No tech knowledge asked, everybody can handle it. Then click "Start" on the program. This is a safe and quick way to reboot your device without losing or erasing any data. This includes save files, user profiles, login information, custom settings etc. Launch “Settings” Go to “General” Tap “Apps” and select the desired app; Tap “Storage” > “Clear cache”. So you can use it to unlock LG G5/G4/G3 screen password without losing any data. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method to unlock your LG Mobile. Download and install ApowerManager on your computer. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and then Google. Highlight Continue Power up to simply restart your phone without performing a hard reset. Tap on the Forgot pattern option. With our unlocker you can generate free unlock codes for your LG smartphone without paying a dime. How do I bypass my LG lock screen without losing data? Step 1. Learn how to lock or unlock your display, set a screen security lock type (intelligent scan, face, iris, fingerprint, pin, password, pattern, or swipe), . I got a trusted sheet to have it unlocked, Check that you have an active data connection. When 'Factory data reset' appears, use the Volume Down key to highlight Yes. After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your mobile to unlock the device. If you want to unlock the LG lock screen without factory reset and data loss, I strongly recommend you to try LG Unlock. The smartphone directly allows you to remove your synced Google account from it. How to Unlock Motorola Phone without Losing Data If I Forgot Pattern/PIN 1. ly/2Z3KfOW)lg stylo 4 locked outlg stylo 5https://www. Your LG Q Stylo 4 should ask for an unlock code - for Network PIN type the NCK code - for Service provider PIN input the SPCK code Second option (device doesn't ask for an unlock. Android Screen Lock Removal is also a great unlock Android pattern lock software helping you remove pattern, pin, and password lock on Samsung phone without losing data as well as unlock forgotten LG password screen lock. 2 Solutions to Unlock LG G3/G4/G5 with a Broken/Cracked Screen. How To Unlock LG Stylo 4 Face Lock · Turn off your LG Stylo 4 phone and go to the boot menu by pressing together the Power Button and Volume Key . Hard Reset Button Method · With the phone off, press and hold the “Power/Lock” button and the “Volume Down” button. It’s very important to select the corrent. Choose your device model from the list next to each item and tap Next at the lower-right corner to continue. Rooting LG STYLO 4 is really easy you just need to follow all the steps, step by step so that you can successfully root LG STYLO 4 without PC. Here’s how you can download the software on your pc, follow this link and click on “download”. With a very simple and easy to use unlocking method you can unlock LG Stylo 4 in just 3 easy steps. Read the guidelines below so you may reset Android without losing data. Afterward, click on the Erase device option and you will see the Erase all data menu. Step 1 Install and launch LockWiper on your computer. Search: Lg Rebel 4 Google Bypass. After the download finishes, the LG bypass tool by dr. I have forgotten the screen lock code for LG Stylo 4 Plus. About Bypass Lg Rebel 4 Google. It is a professional android pattern unlocker that lets you unlock your Android pattern without losing the data on the phone. How to Reset Locked Screen LG Phone Without Losing Data. Your phone will prompt for "SIM Network Unlock Pin" or "Enter Unlock Code". Working for Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series, and LG G2/G3/G4/G5, etc. 4 or older OS but forgot the password. 1: Turn on phone without Sim card. If you choose Factory data reset , press either of the Volume Keys (on the Factory data reset screen) to highlight Yes , (or No to exit) then press the Power/Lock Key (on the back of the phone) to confirm. With this, you can access and organize your mobile data from your computer without an internet connection. Newer devices have introduced even more advanced technologies such as fingerprint scanner and face recognition. Lg Stylo Bypass Secure Startup 3. Insert the accepted (original) sim card in your phone.